A confident smile is a universally important feature. Most people aren’t born with perfect teeth, but orthodontics offers you the opportunity to change that and achieve the smile you always wanted! In the past, Corvallis orthodontists had few options when treating misaligned teeth—but today, there are many types and styles of braces available at Schanilec & Trammell Orthodontics. With the help of Dr. Trammell and Dr. Schanilec, you can choose the perfect braces for you based on your needs, preferences and budget.

Mini Braces: Surgical grade stainless steel mini braces pull your teeth into alignment gradually with a system of brackets and wires that are regularly adjusted to promote movement. Metal braces have been available for more than half a century; however, today’s styles are more compact, comfortable and attractive than ever before.

Clear Braces: Clear braces are essentially identical to metal braces in style and function, but they’re made from clear ceramic material held together by clear wires. Since clear braces are much more subtle than their metal counterparts, they’re popular amongst our older teens and adult patients.

Self-Ligating Braces: This style offers several improvements over traditional braces. Instead of relying on elastic bands, they adjust your teeth using a free-sliding clip. This method is more comfortable than wire brace, and patients with self-ligating braces don’t have to visit our offices for adjustments as often. Self-ligating braces are available in metal and clear styles.

We know choosing the right braces for your needs can be challenging, but we will provide you with advice, support and recommendations throughout your treatment planning process. If you’re interested in learning about the many types of braces available, we are happy to explain more about them during your complimentary initial exam and consultation. If you opt for orthodontic treatment with full braces, we will proudly provide you with an oral hygiene package from the Crest + Oral-B OrthoEssentials Program.