No one is too old to begin orthodontic treatment, and advances in technologies and treatments make orthodontic procedures for adults more popular than ever. Today, about 20% of all patients seeing orthodontists in Corvallis and Albany are adults. At Schanilec & Trammell Orthodontics, we accept patients of all ages with all types of needs. Whether you never received the orthodontic care you needed when you were younger, a new problem has developed or a previously corrected issue with your bite or teeth has resurfaced, we can help you achieve the smile you want at an affordable cost.

Orthodontic treatment only takes a few years, but your new smile will last a lifetime.

Studies show that an attractive smile can get you pretty far in life, which is why so many adults today are seeking orthodontic treatment. According to one 2011 study, people with straight teeth are considered happier, friendlier, healthier, more confident, more popular and more trustworthy than people with a crooked smile. In addition, the study shows that a good smile can affect the first impression you make on others, your success in the dating world and your professional achievements.

Adult Orthodontics: What You Need to Know

Many of our adult patients come into our office concerned about how orthodontic treatment will appear cosmetically. Today, with so many different types of braces and appliances on the market, adults are able to undergo the orthodontic procedures they need without any embarrassment. When you visit us for a complimentary consultation, we will assess your needs, explain the various treatment options available and review your financial options clearly and transparently.

Since adults’ facial bones developed and hardened years before treatment, orthodontic procedures can be more uncomfortable for adults than children. Typically, you can expect soreness for about a day after an orthodontic adjustment, with some patients reporting mild discomfort for up to five days. Modern appliances are smaller and more comfortable to wear, and certain types of treatment may not result in any discomfort at all. On average, adult treatment is completed in 1 ½ to 2 years, though this can vary depending on your specific needs and treatment plan.

Commonly treated orthodontic conditions amongst Albany and Corvallis adults at our offices include:

  • Teeth alignment
  • Wide spacing
  • Overcrowding
  • Underbite
  • Overbite
  • Missing teeth
  • Excessive wear
  • Jaw misalignment

If you’re unhappy with your teeth, we would be happy to evaluate your orthodontic concerns during a complimentary evaluation. Just give our friendly staff a call or fill out an appointment request online!